Jasmine Arciga

Office Administrator

From Jasmine...

As the first point of contact to our clients at Taller de José, Jasmine ensures that anyone who seeks assistance from us is met with compassion and empathy. Jasmine’s work as Office Manager comes with its stresses, as would any other job, though her work here is very personal to her and so she is motivated to provide our clients with the kindness. She is proud to form part of the community that raised her and now her biggest hope is that she helps raise this community when they need it the most.

May 2019

First heard about Taller de José and felt called to learn more and get involved.

August 2019

Was hired full-time as Office Manager, being the first point of compassionate contact for Taller de José clients seeking assistance.

August 2020

Celebrated her first year anniversary with Taller de José.

November 2021

Carmen became certified in the 40-hour Domestic Violence Training with Sara’s Inn