Support from a Compañerx, or “Companion”

Each client is linked with a bilingual Compañerx, or “Companion,” who will accompany them in their search for resources. Our Compañerxs will listen as you share your story, help to identify your goals, and see how they can support you in achieving those goals. They are here to walk alongside you with compassion and care, and bring with them access to our growing network of resources and community partners.

Taller De José is an agency that offers companionship and personal attention to people who have difficulty finding their way in a complex social services system.
Rather than duplicate existing services, we seek to collaborate with other agencies to make social services more accessible to a population in need.
Each staff member, Compañerx, is trained to listen to clients to assess the services they need and then accompany them in the process of finding those resources.

We must be ready to walk with our clients

Our team is ready to assist our clients as they respond to challenges and achieve their goals.

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work that matters

Ramon and Estella first came to us in March 2021, during the first wave of Chicago reopening. They were referred to us by their daughter’s primary physician. Gabby had been born with Down Syndrome and she was now nearing her 18th birthday, during a global pandemic. As the help desks at the courthouse were still closed, Taller de José reached out directly to the legal aid organizations to connect our clients to legal advice. After attorneys provided legal advice, our Compañera worked with Ramon and Estella to ensure all the paperwork was completed, and then navigated the complex e-filing process for the courts. On the day of court, instead of riding the Pink Line to the Daley Center together, Ramon and Estella came to the Taller de José offices for access to a reliable computer and assistance in logging onto their Zoom courtroom and requesting an interpreter. When Ramon and Estella were granted legal guardianship for Gabby, they both breathed a sigh of relief. They expressed their deepest gratitude to our Compañera staff for guiding them through this new process, “Thanks to Taller, our world is no longer at a standstill, we’re not frightened to take this next step, knowing that we do not take these next steps alone.” The pandemic has often times made us all feel like we too are a standstill. Though, life is in constant motion, teaching us how capable we are of accomplishing extraordinary things.

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