Dayana Huerta

Community Liaison and Compañera

from Dayana...

I was first drawn to Taller de José because I related to the accompaniment of people in our community. Being a first-generation Mexican-American daughter, I grew up feeling a certain responsibility to advocate for my parents in a country that they did not know, and where it felt like almost everyone spoke a language that they did not speak. It was a lot of pressure for me as a child, but now as an adult, I am grateful for those experiences because through them I was able to find a vocation in community advocacy. I am excited to be a part of Taller de José and to get to walk alongside people in the community who are in need. We are not meant to make it through struggle alone and I am here to serve people in whatever ways I can.

Si quieres llegar rápido, ve solo; si quieres llegar lejos, vayamos juntos. 




Became a member of Latino-led nonprofit organization, Iskali, as a volunteer community coordinator.


Participated in the Dialogue with Catholic Leaders from the Multicultural Church conference at the University of Notre Dame, representing the Hispanic community.


Joined Taller de José as a Compañera.