Brenda Rodriguez

Associate Director

from Brenda...

I closely relate to the work of Accompaniment because as a first-generation Mexican American daughter I experienced first-hand all of the obstacles that my parents endured because they did not speak English. I learned to help them overcome those obstacles by learning Spanish and English fluently and speaking up for them when their voices weren’t heard or acknowledged. I began my journey at Taller de José in August of 2016, and since then, I have learned that our clients face the same obstacles that my parents once did. It has been a true honor to advocate for our clients when navigating these complex systems.



August 2016

Was hired as the office manager and became a welcoming friend to all those that entered Taller de José.

June 2017

Transitioned to a full-time staff compañera and learned about accompaniment through the eyes of my clients

November 2019

Was interviewed by Telemundo, and it became a career highlight and an honor for her to talk about our work of accompaniment! 

January 2021

Became a mom to a future compañera! Brenda hopes that one day her daughter, like her, will learn to welcome everyone with open arms and advocate for others. 

August 2021

Her toughest and most rewarding role yet has been becoming Program Director and overseeing interns and volunteers who are interested in the social work field.