Alejandra Padilla

Intern Site Supervisor and Compañera

from Alejandra...

Like many of us here at Taller de José, I can recall assisting my parents with the language barrier that they would often encounter in their day-to-day life while I was growing up. Being an interpreter for my parents at such a young age opened up a whole new world for me to advocate not only for them but for others as well. Since I started interning at Taller de José in August of 2021, I have had many meaningful experiences because I am able to continue advocating for those who are in need but are unable to raise their own voice. I want to continue to empower clients by working together to navigate the difficult systems. Walking alongside clients and empowering them has been such an accomplishment because they often feel more confident to do other tasks on their own in the future. I am glad to be a part of the Taller de José team and continue to positively impact many of our community members.



August 2021

Began at Taller de José as an Intern Compañera and learned about the mission of accompaniment.

May 2022

Graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with Bachelor in Social Work.

May 2022

Hired as a full-time Staff Compañera and continued to advocate for and accompany clients.