Taller de José's Running for...Campaign is back!

What is the "Running for... Campaign?"

The Running for... Campaign is a 30-day awareness and fundraising campaign for Taller de José that will take place March 21st- April 21st 2011. This campaign will raise awareness by having each participant wear a Running for... Campaign t-shirt which will show one of five names of Taller de José clients while running or walking. The t-shirt will encourage on-lookers to visit our website to find out more about the clients and the organization this campaign is representing (scroll down to see clients' stories.) This website showcases the stories of our clients and illustrates why our services of accompaniment are needed in the community and how they have helped people.

COST: $20 Registration fee. This fee will include an official "Running for... Campaign" t-shirt.

Participants you can pay your $20 registration fee by clicking here

WHERE: ANYWHERE! This campaign wants to raise awareness all over the city of Chicago! You can run/walk with friends in the park, in your neighborhood, along the lake, at road races, anywhere your legs take you over a 30 day period!

Want to Participate?

To participate in the Running for.. Campaign download the Registration Form e-maill it to Lisa Monnot at LMonnot@tallerdejose.org or mail it to

Taller de Jose - Running for... Campaign
Attn: Lisa Monnot
3047 West Cermak
Chicago, IL 60623

If you have any questions please call us at 773-542-1019

Support the Campaign

Don't run but want to support someone running in our campaign? You can do so by donating online or by printing off the Support Letter and mailing it to the above address. When making online donations to pledge one of our runners please type the name of the runner you are supporting in the "memo" box.

Who are we running for?

We are running for...


Marco came to Taller de José in January 2009 seeking assistance with his financial situation. He had severe credit card debt and did not understand the first thing about getting rid it. Due to this debt his pay checks were being garnished. He had tried to file for bankruptcy a year before but the legal firm he went to was charging him thousands of dollars for court, filing, and attorney fees. We accompanied Marco through phone calls to low-cost legal services to set up appointments to discuss his case. We walked with him to court to file appearances and sat with him in court. Taller de José also connected Marco with an organization that would help him manage his credit card debt and his finances so that in the future this would not happen. Marco’s fear of living with this debt and fear of the legal system was put at ease with Taller de José. He thanks Taller de José very much because “they don’t ask for money, their first priority is to help people and they do it out of the kindness of their hearts.” Marco has learned a lot from this experience and from the staff at Taller de José as today he manages his money much better.


Paula was referred to Taller de José in May 2010 by Rainbow House, an organization that provides support, intervention, legal assistance, and education to survivors of domestic violence. Paula came to Taller de José to be accompanied to a dentist in downtown Chicago. As a result of the abuse Paula survived she needed extensive dental work because some of her teeth had been knocked out or damaged. She was afraid to go by herself and because of her limited English she wanted a companion to sit with her as she got impressions, teeth pulled and teeth filled. Taller de José went with Paula to the countless dentist and surgeon appointments. They recently accompanied Paula to the dentist to take a final picture of her bright new smile!


Laura has been a client of Taller de José since September of 2008 when she came seeking assistance and advice in getting her one-month old daughter, Sara, medical insurance. Laura was a single mother raising her daughter and did not understand the process of getting her enrolled in the All Kids health insurance, health coverage given to all children in the state of Illinois. Taller de José was able to go with her to apply for these medical benefits for Sara and was successful in doing so. Taller de José has also gone with Maria to the Daley Center to help her navigate the county system and getting copies of Sara's birth certificate.


Maria was referred to Taller de José in May 2010 by Catholic Charities when she was 4 months pregnant. Maria's partner had just left her with two children four and eight years old as well as one child on the way. Maria was having a difficult time with her pregnancy, was losing weight, and could not keep any food in her stomach. Taller de José has accompanied her to check ups with a high risk pregnancy specialist as well as accompanied her to the hospital to get blood work done to ensure she and the baby are healthy. Maria's kind spirit has shown through during this difficult time as she recently cut her hair and donated it to make into wigs for cancer patients. Taller de José accompanied Maria for 6 months until she gave birth in October to a beautiful healthy baby girl, Alicia.


Miguel first came to Taller de José six months ago referred by a friend. He had been injured at work and could barely walk. Miguel’s employer of nine years refused to drive him to the hospital and threatened to fire him if he was not better by the end of the week. Miguel had no one else to turn to and with his compañera, visited the Mexican Consulate to speak with a volunteer lawyer. The lawyer immediately called Miguel’s boss who gave him more time and pay for the time he could not work. After speaking with Miguel, the lawyer discovered that his employer had been neglecting to pay him his full wages. He took on Miguel’s case for his lost wages and the case is currently in court. Miguel has since found a new higher paying job close to home with a more understanding employer. He and the compañera eagerly await the outcome of his case.