Accompaniment is the main service provided by Taller de José. Accompaniment is a unique yet infrequent service in a city abounding in governmental agencies and nonprofits. Taller de José is an agency that offers companionship and personal attention to people who have difficulty finding their way in a complex social system and who are often underserved. Each staff member, compañera/o, is trained to listen to the clients to assess what service they need and then accompany them in the process of finding the resources/service.

When accompanying a client, the compañera/o is a supportive presence, at times offering direction, emotional support, information, advocacy, and insight as the clients navigate an often complicated social service system.

The service of accompaniment takes on different forms. At times a staff member will physically accompany clients via public transportation to a service or agency. Clients can be intimidated by a place that is unfamiliar to them or by the complexity that can be inherent in social service agencies. Some of the places Taller de José has accompanied clients are court, hospitals, government agencies, and schools.

Sometimes accompaniment involves giving the clients information that they might need to help them to solve a problem or issue. Some of the places that Taller de José has directed people to are food pantries, health clinics, domestic violence shelters, or English classes.

Other times, clients may need a safe place to give voice to their particular situation, without fear of judgment or legal ramifications. A staff member can patiently listen and provide emotional support and a compassionate presence. A compañera/o might help to make the clients' problems more manageable by helping them to prioritize or set short term goals to meet the needs.

In addition, compañeras(os) accompany clients by helping them to make phone calls. They provide assistance so that clients are better able to understand what is required in order for a service to be provided. At times, compañeras(os)may speak or negotiate on a client’s behalf. Phone calls are made from the offices free of charge.

Cost: FREE. Thanks to our generous donors we are able to provide our services of accompaniment for free. No person is turned away or asked for payment at Taller de José, in a society where obtaining services and seeking for help can be frightening and costly, Taller de José opens its doors to all.

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